Chiang Rai & South Bound

After a couple weeks exploring northern Thailand, I handed over the motorcycle keys and am heading back to Bangkok in order to take care of some bureaucratic business at a government office.

Not sure if I will be able to make it back up here before the end of this trip. I will miss all of the friends I’ve made, and the beauty of the less traveled area.

The food has been amazing up here. The cooking style is a bit different from the south of Thailand. The sauces have Burmese influence, so they are thicker and have a richer flavor than the sour and spicy dishes in the south.

My final day in the north was spent cruising at another elephant camp. This time I decided to go for a short ride on one. The majority of our ride was spent tromping through a pretty deep river which was fun. The elephant used his trunk as a snorkel in the deep sections.

Not sure what I will be doing after my short stop in Bangkok, but I assume it will be a good time.

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