POD PF3 Evolution Swim Fins

POD PF3’s are the some of the latest and greatest swim fins on the market.

Since I use fins everyday for lifeguarding, bodysurfing, and kicking around with a mask, I can really appreciate a quality pair. Recommend checking out PF3’s if you’re interested in a versatile design.

PF3 Evolution’s are constructed with multiple density rubber layers, have asymmetric foot pockets, unique splay rails, deep channels, and flexible vertical rails and blades.

These attributes provide powerful directional kick, balance, speed, and control, which are great for catching and riding waves.

PF3’s are made from natural buoyant rubber, and are exclusively manufactured using the POD patent, which is a lamination technique that combines multiple density rubber layers for the strongest construction on the market.

The foot pocket is extended for various fittings, and layered with soft rubber for comfort. The drainage design guarantees rapid water and sand release.

POD PF3 Evolution Fins are designed in Australia, and can be found at Mitch’s Surf Shop in La Jolla, CA, and other core surf shops around the world.


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