Outex Waterproof Camera Covers

While searching for waterproof housings to cover my new costly Canon camera, I came across an inexpensive yet quality looking product called Outex. I have never used Outex, but am interested in getting one of their kits for protecting my camera while shooting photos from a personal watercraft. They also look great to use on camping trips, trekking, and pretty much anywhere else you want to keep your camera protected from the elements.

I have used an Outex waterproof backpack in challenging environments for years, while working on Tavarua Island, Fiji. It has always held up great and kept all my personal belongings inside of it dry. So, although I’ve never tested an Outex waterproof camera kit, the brand has proven to make quality waterproof products preceding it.


Outex was designed to seal-in SLR equipment from the elements – even under water. The patented seal design allows malleability, flexibility, light weight and quick & easy installation.

The Kits offer you a complete solution for most SLR camera brands, including covers, optical lens, viewfinder, and the base accessories to get your started.


Work in conjunction with our Optical and Viewfinder lenses. Hermetically seals your equipment from the elements, while maintaining tactile feel and access to all of the camera’s controls, buttons, and knobs. We’ve custom built different covers to mold-fit your specific camera make & model, and still permit use of various different lenses.

Optical Lens-

Professional grade materials for professional results. Patented design to accommodate most makes and model lenses. We use glass (not plastic or acrylic). Select all the ones you need for your lens arsenal.

Viewfinder Lens-

Similar to the optical lenses, the viewfinder lenses are custom made to fit most makes & models. In conjunction with the rest of the Outex system, it gives you access to your viewfinder. We’re exploring many different options to expand your arsenal of choices.


Flash, tripod adapters, battery grip, cable connections, etc. After selecting the right kit or Outex system for your camera equipment, you can augment your repertoire with a host of Outex options.


The accessories work independent of your Outex system or kit. This modularity is an advantage in itself, so you can use them interchangeably. Accessories include strap holders, connectors, wrist & neck straps, etc.

Check out more at Outex.com

Photos courtesy Outex.com

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