Artemis Womens LS Spring – Matuse

Hi girls, if you’re looking for a great wetsuit this summer, Matuse makes a long sleeve spring called the Artemis.

Like all of Matuse’s high quality wetsuits, the Artemis is made out of Geoprene and Hydrasilk, with Satin Seal taping over the glued and blind stitched seems.

The Artemis is tailored specifically to the beautiful curves of a woman, and I’ve heard from lots of the girls using the suit that it fits snug, keeping you warm and comfortable in the lineup.

Check it out online for more details. If you’re looking for more rubber, Matuse makes a great women’s fullsuit called the Atremis 4/3/2, and if you’re surfing in warm water, I’ve heard the Sophia long sleeve 2mm jacket is awesome.

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2 Responses to Artemis Womens LS Spring – Matuse

  1. sam says:

    Its THE BEST wetsuit I have ever worn! MY FAVORITE evening Malibu session suit! :) So warm and comfy!

  2. Amber says:

    Okay, I think I found the newest suit to add to my wishlist. Love this style, and the zip pocket would definitely come in handy. Even the neckline looks comfy. I’m sold, I totally need this suit now.

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