Aspen Colorado

Just returned from an emotional and relieving trip to Aspen, Co. The purpose of the trip was to host a celebration of life party for my late grandmother, Betty Farson. Many of those who attended the celebration had deep personal relationships with my grandmother, while living and working in the small community with her for over 40 years.

My parents and I drove 17 hours from San Diego through four states and a hectic night blizzard to get there. It snowed non-stop for the first 3 days of our trip before beautiful blue skies and sunshine broke through.

The majority of our time in Aspen was spent in my grandmother’s home, where we took time to pack, sell, and donate her belongings. Because my grandmothers cancer spread at such a rapid rate, there wasn’t any time for her to sort out personal possessions before she moved into my mom’s full-time care in La Jolla.

We had the party on our final day in Aspen, and was just how my grandmother would have wanted it. Roughly 60 of her friends (mostly artist like my grandmother) got together in a gallery space to share stories and drink scotch. We ate her favorite foods prepared by some of her best friends, played her favorite music, and had a wonderful time laughing and crying together. Felt great to spend time with family while helping give closure to her friends in the community. She loved Aspen and her friends who live there dearly.

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