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Recently had the chance to get in the water with one of the latest spring suits designed by Matuse. Like the rest of their line, the S.A.R. Military Spring Suit is light, comfortable, and warm.

Recommend checking one out if you’re in the market for a new spring suit. The S.A.R. Military Spring Suit works great in Hawaii and warm Southern California days.

Matuse’s S.A.R. Military Spring Suit (short legs & short arms) – AKA the “Hoplite G” – was designed by the US Navy’s Search and Rescue Dive Units. Essentially, these operators wanted Matuse to make them the warmest and most durable spring suit on the planet.

This is the result: 100% glued and blind stitched with Satin Sealed seams. Since it’s made from Geoprene, this suit is automatically 30% warmer and lighter. Because it is 100% lined in HydraSilk it is also exceptionally light and uber-durable. So even if you don’t jump outta helicopters for a living, you’ll be able to appreciate the ichiban amenities of this one-of-a-kind product.

I like using spring suits while surfing big waves in Hawaii for warmth, and because they don’t get blown off as easily as jackets during bad beatings.

Matuse suits can be found online at and at Mitch’s Surf Shop in La Jolla.

Matuse S.A.R. Military Spring Suit can also be found through Amazon links provided.

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  1. Wetsuits says:

    The Matuse wetsuits are one of the best around. Looks like a sick wave keep it up!

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