Lowdown Tide Watch – Nixon

The Nixon Lodown Tide Watch offers an accurate tide reading for just about anywhere in the world, and even comes with a “future” tide setting. The watch has all of the other electronic functions of a standard digital watch, such as a stopwatch, alarm, and countdown timer, to go along with the tide reading. It is really easy to set and change each setting, including the tide function. It is a perfect watch for traveling surfers and lifeguards.

The Lowdown comes in something like 20 different color combinations, and there is a high-end model called the Lowdown TI. The Lowdown TI has a titanium face frame and costs $30 more than the standard Lowdown.

The band is curved to comfortably fit. The Lowdown has a stainless-steel case backing and five functioning buttons. It is waterproof pressure-tested to 100 meters deep.

If your interested in purchasing the Nixon Lodown Tide Watch, please consider doing so through the Amazon.com links provided. You’ll be able to shop for the lowest price, and I’ll even get a small commission from Amazon to help support Hungry Walrus.

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