Viper Vector Fins – New

Viper swim fins just released their latest design, Viper Vectors. Had a chance to try them yesterday and was very impressed. The fin blades are not as rigid as earlier Viper modes, and they had great snap.

The Vector rubber feels a little plastic like, which I thought was weird, but they’re still comfortable. The fin pockets are not any different than Vipers other boxy models, but because the blade had more flex, there is less chance of getting a foot cramp over time.

I’m going to buy these new Viper Vectors Swim Fins to go along with my DaFins.

Check out this more detailed review from for more.

Get Viper Vectors Bodyboarding and Bodysurfing Swim Fins at Mitch’s Surf Shop in La Jolla, or have them delivered to your doorstep through our Amazon links.

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