Vertra Kona Gold

With one long-lasting application, Vertra Kona Gold protects skin from sun damage in and out of the water all day. There is no stinging in the eyes, and it coats every little crevice it’s applied to, making it great around the eyes and on the lips – the most difficult areas to keep protected.

Vertra sun-care products are created to meet the highest cosmetic-industry standards. Vertra is recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation, which has stringent criteria for sun and skincare products to acquire their approval.

A few years ago Shane Dorian hooked me up with some Vertra products while we were working on Tavarua, Fiji. I used the Vertra Kona Gold face stick all day long, every single day, with incredible results under the blazing equatorial sun. It doesn’t smear or wash off, and it looks good, matching most skin tones. Although Kona Gold is perfect for surfers, it works great for everyone under the sun.

If you value your health and are exposed to the sun on a regular basis, I highly recommend using Vertra Kona Gold to prevent sunburn and skin cancer.

For the best price on Vertra sun-cream check out the link below. You’ll get the lowest price, and I’ll get a small commission to keep Hungry Walrus moving.

Vertra Kona Gold

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