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The surf’s been really small the past few weeks down here in La Jolla, so a few friends and I have been trading off on one of Rusty’s new T Dwart 5’10’s. It’s fast, fly’s over flat sections, and holds speed through hooks in the pocket because it goes smoothly on rail with it’s round-tail stinger combo.

T-Dwart is a narrower and thinner version of the original Rusty Dwart, coupling a performance rail and slightly more rocker. The double-wing round-tail produces a quick and agile surfboard. It’s a high-performance fish, designed to surf small waves, but will also work well when the swell starts to fill in.

I use Futures Stretch quad-fins in the T Dwart, and heard it works great as a 5 fin (drop in a small trailer fin) when the surf bumps up. Most ride the T Dwart 3-6 inches shorter then their shortboard.


Friend, fellow San Diego Lifeguard, and On Sufari TV traveler, Shane Mcintyre, on the original Dwart in Africa.

One of the boys at Rusty Del Mar surf shop breaking down the new T Dwart.

Check the T Dwart and the rest of Rusty’s incredible new surfboard designs at Rusty online and call the factory in San Diego at 858-578-0414 to order one.

Video and Photo: Courtesy Rusty Surfboards.

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