Perfect Waves At Kandui Island, Mentawai, Indonesia

Last spring a friend of mine named Zach Keenan asked if I’d like to work as a medic and surf guide at Kandui Villas, in the Mentawai islands, Indonesia. I said yes without a second thought. It’s turned out to be an opportunity of a lifetime. For the past three years Zach has been managing Kandui Villas, where he’s been scoring some of the best waves on the planet. So stoked he invited me to share the experience. The surf has been pumping during the entirety of my month long stint on Kandui.

Here are a handful of waves I shot during one of my first surf sessions in front of the Villas, at a wave called NoKandui – or as Zach likes to call it, YesKandui. Can’t believe there were only three of us scoring this perfection from sunrise to sunset.

I shot these waves in the water with a 35mm lens.

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