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A buddy and I went night diving for lobster yesterday (something I do on a regular basis), and I couldn’t help but notice how much better his light was than mine… And I’m not talking just a little brighter – his Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED Flashlight was on a higher level all-together. It was like comparing the headlights on a dirty 1992 Buick Regal to those on a clean 2014 Audi. The light coming from the Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED Flashlight has a broader range, penetrates twice the distance, and glows bright white as opposed to the dark yellow beam coming from my standard bulb. The kicker is that the new C8 eLED is even narrower and more streamline than the UK D4 I’ve been using, and it cost just a little bit more.

My light is also a UK, and it’s a good light, but there is simply no comparison when diving next to someone with the new UK C8 eLED.

Awarded with both the Tester`s Choice Award and a Best Buy this UK C8 eLED Dive Light is the best cost to quality dive light on the market. This super bright eLED dive light is the first high-intensity scuba light that runs brighter underwater than it does on land. It’s composed of one of the smallest and brightest 8 C-cell scuba dive lights on the market today. The UK C8 eLED dive light features Underwater Kinetics proprietary “through the lens” heat sink which offer scuba divers a super bright high-intensity dive light that maintains constant brightness throughout the battery’s life and it’s even brighter underwater than it’s on land. It also features a unique optical design which unites two high intensity LEDs bulbs into one beam with twice the intensity.

Without a doubt this UK C8 eLED dive light is perfect for seeking out unique marine life found under ledges. It also makes a good photo spotting light. Whatever your need may be this UK C8 eLED dive Light is promise to deliver.

Other Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED dive light features:
Power: 400 / 270 Lumens (high/low)
Lamp: 2 High-intensity LEDs
Distance: 494 / 403 ft (high/low)
Burn Time: 14 /20 hr (high/low)
Batteries: 8 C Cell Alkaline (included)
Waterproof: 500 feet Weight: 36 oz Dive Lights

Get yours for the best price available through our trusted Amazon links – UK C8 eLED

Above photo is of a legal limit of lobster that I grabbed freediving at night with my old UK dive light recently. Can’t wait to get the new C8 light!

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