You Are What You Eat

If you follow my blog on a regular basis you have probably read and seen videos expressing my concern about where our diet is heading. From chemical laden greens that have been genetically modified with monkey hormones, to industrial animal farming, our global food system is dive-bombing. We have the opportunity to change this by eating certified organic, GMO animal hormone-free fruits and veggies, and actual free-range hormone-free meat, poultry, and milk.

The video above is an example of “clean farms and slaughter houses,” hence most likely why cameras were allowed inside. The factory owners are probably so delusional that they are proud of their Matrix operations. Lots of the food on shelves comes from worse conditions than these, which is downright sad.

So, do what you can to support your local farmer with a conscious, and maybe even try changing your diet all together. After I started eating right my whole world changed for the better. I now have more energy, am leaner, stronger, and healthier than ever. After all, you are what you eat.

– If you live in or around San Diego, Homegrown Meats is a great place to get some of the most delicious grass-fed, open range, game around.


SAMSARA food sequence from Baraka & Samsara on Vimeo.

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