It all started with a delayed boat and a high-seas storm.

After getting completely drenched during the entire six-hour boat ride from the Mentawai islands to Sumatra, I arrived at Padang harbor in a little vessel just 30 minutes before the first of four flights home. Padang harbor is 45 minutes from the airport, so a local friend called and bribed the airline employees to hold the plane while the cab driver blazed through the hectic streets of Sumatra at what felt like 100k an hour. I made it to the gate wet, but stoked.

During my 12-hour layover in Jakarta I caught up on some sleep, but woke up really hungry before the next flight. I ordered a couple big plates of raunchy food and ate every last bite. Shortly after I boarded the flight from Jakarta to Singapore, my guts started to roll. I spent the entire flight, and following 11-hour layover in Singapore, violently blowing out every toilet in sight! It was brutal.

During the layover in Singapore I seemed to have gotten it all out, but still couldn’t eat or drink much water. I made it to Tokyo without sleeping, where there was yet another layover. In Tokyo, the flight was delayed just as we were starting to board. An hour or so later we were back in the air, where I caught up on sleep before landing in Los Angeles – just in time rent a car and sit in rush-hour traffic. Five hours after landing at LAX, I made it home to San Diego where I crashed out for the night.

Woke up the next morning and figured I better go see if my little car would start. It was parked next to a four-way stop-sign in front of my house. The car started, and after waiting for some traffic to pass by, I pulled into the street from the parking spot just in time to watch some idiot lady blaze through the stop-sign. She was hauling ass and t-boned me without ever hitting the breaks.

I asked her why she was driving so carelessly and she straight-up said that she wasn’t paying attention and never even saw me. She didn’t tell her insurance company that when she finally gave her statement 8 days later though. They couldn’t prove that she was lying, and insurance statistics show that drivers pulling out from parking spots are always at fault. She worked together with her insurance to screw me, and with my limited liability coverage, I lost out on everything – no compensation whatsoever. I had driven that car about 40 times since I bought it just a month before the trip.

A couple days after the car accident my girlfriend and I broke up. There are a bunch of reasons why, but we never did each other wrong or anything.

The following day I went for a paddle because the surf was flat, and as I was coming in, slipped on a rock and broke one of my ribs. It’s pretty painful and I don’t see myself surfing or having much upper-body mobility for a while.

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  1. jackson says:

    Wow, that’s a rough spell if I’ve ever heard of one. Glad to see you bounced back with a rad adventure to the Sierras. Be well.

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