Global Rescue Travel-Medevac Service

Hungry Walrus recently teamed up with Global Rescue Travel-Medevac Specialists because they are the best in the business. Weather you and your family are heading out on an awesome week long vacation, or would like a year long policy, look no further than Global Rescue.

Members of Global Rescue have a team of elite Navy Seals and medical professionals with specialized medical jet’s, helicopter’s, and machine-gun’s, ready to save you and your family from any medical or security situation, anywhere in the world, at any time.  No fine print or insurance loopholes – Global Rescue finds you and gets you home safe.

My friend Glen Doherty was a Navy Seal medic (one of the first guys to bust in and find Saddam Hussein), who was tragically killed defending Americans during the Benghazi attack last year. Glen used to work for Global Rescue, solidifying the fact that there is no other crew more devoted to save you from a heavy medical or security emergency in the worl

I could have used Global Rescue when I broke my back and had to get a life-flight to Australia from Fiji.

Straight up – Global Rescue is the best travel-evacuation service in the world.

Global Rescue is the only emergency response service that will rescue you anywhere in the world and bring you home to safety and your choice of any hospital.

If you travel to Baja a lot, this is the yearly service you want covering your family in case of necessary medical or security evacuation. It’s also great to have in case of a tsunami, super-storm, or other natural disaster while you’re traveling overseas.

Most people aren’t aware of the serious deficiencies of their health insurance, travel insurance, platinum card program or SOS hotline service. These programs do not respond timely and do not have in-house medical and security professionals to deploy to your location anywhere on the planet to solve your crisis. Global Rescue has a proven track record of success under the most difficult conditions.

The world is a dangerous place. Whether it’s a car accident, heart attack, broken limb, infectious disease, natural disaster, sectarian conflict or other emergency event or threat of bodily harm, Global Rescue provides our members the ability to control dangerous and difficult situations. If you’re a member and are injured or become ill while traveling, our physicians and Johns Hopkins specialists will advise you. If you’re hospitalized–or need hospitalization–and want to be evacuated to a medical facility of your choice, our contracted, best-in-class air service providers will transport you. If you need to find a local healthcare provider, we’ll locate one for you. If you need to be rescued from a dangerous situation, our special operations trained operators will get you out. These are just a few of the services that Global Rescue provides to members in need.

A Global Rescue medical evacuation membership provides:

– 24/7 medical advice and support from world class physicians at Johns Hopkins Medicine.
– Medical evacuations from anywhere in the world to your choice of home-country hospital, any time you are more than 160 miles from home and need hospitalization.
– Field rescues for medical emergencies requiring hospitalization in the event you are in a remote location and cannot get to a hospital on your own.
– Lost medication, visa and passport assistance, legal referrals, and more.

You have the option to enhance your membership with a Security Evacuation upgrade:

-Emergency evacuations for non-medical reasons, including war, civil unrest, natural disasters, or other causes.
-Evacuation in the event you are more than 160 miles from home and there is a government declaration to leave the area, or you are facing imminent grievous bodily harm.
-Deployment of security teams and transport on fixed and rotary wing aircraft as necessary.

I highly recommend Global Rescue to all travelers – so check it out.

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