WCT – Futures Fins

Stout, agile, and aggressive pocket-rockets. Wide base and tips, with a stocky outline and very little rake and flex. The WCT fins are really good for power surfing in the pocket.

The trailing fin is just a little bit smaller than the leading fins, allowing for a looser ride than if they were all the same size. The idea is to loosen the board up with that smaller trailer while keeping tons of drive with the leading fins.

The WCT’s are not forgiving in mushy conditions, because the fins don’t release to slide easily. I like to use them when the surf is wedging, juicy and hollow, because they hold, and generate speed quickly.  They are not great for point breaks because they have little rake.  Wouldn’t get these fins if you primarily surf a point or any wave where you do long arching turns.

Jamie O’Brien gave me his set on Tavarua. He laughed at them when Rusty gave the fins to him, because the WCT (World Championship Tour) and Jamie don’t exactly have great history together, so he handed them off to me.

The template looks almost identical to the old Kelly Slater signature fin that FCS makes. I own that FCS Slater fin and they ride pretty much the same. They are designed for really powerful turns in the most critical part of the wave. You can go as hard on rail as you want with these fins.

They are single foil, so they slingshot off the bottom, and feel solid and consistent through every turn in the pocket of critical waves.

The sets are tri-fin configurations and come in fiberglass, honeycomb, and a resin-honeycomb combo. I like riding solid fiberglass fins, like the fins in the pictures. They are a bit heavier than the others, but feel really solid. If you’re riding them in good waves, the little extra weight will help you keep a rail in the water.

If you’re a light person, and typically surf smaller waves, you may want to get the honeycomb template.

The FCS alternative to the Futures WCT template is the FCS K2.1.

Photos: Todd Glaser

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