Lucas Dirkse – Backlit

Been having a great time taking advantage of the beautiful late autumn afternoon light in California. Spent the past couple days shooting my friend and local surf-phenom Lucas Dirkse at the reefs in La Jolla. Lucas has incredible natural talent and timeless style. He can also ride anything under his feet while making it look easy. Looking forward to working with him some more this week if conditions continue to favor us.

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2 Responses to Lucas Dirkse – Backlit

  1. geraldine says:

    John~~ I HAVE to write you, and let you know how deeply amazed, grateful, and generally blown away I am by your photography!! Naturally, I am grateful for the time you have spent photographing Lucas…your images are beyond beautiful!…you SEE and KNOW and LOVE the ocean~~~ clearly with an eye and heart that are so creative and inspiring…You are giving us all great gifts…and I want you to know that you are seen, and deeply appreciated! Please continue to allow us to see the ocean, and all those we love , with your amazing talent. You are a rare and wonderfully alive photographer and fellow traveler of life! Keep it comin’!! So rad! Aloha~~~ Geraldine

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