Pau Pilau Wetsuit Cleaner

Wasn’t until I got a gnarly staph infection from a filthy wetsuit a few years ago, that I started using a wetsuit cleaner. Pau Pilau was introduced to me by a really cool lady who owns a couple health food markets in Santa Cruz. I was skeptical before trying the product, but impressed after using it the first time. I now use Pau Pilau once every few weeks, or whenever my suit is looking and smelling more rank than usual.

There are a few wetsuit cleaners on the market, but Pau Pilau is one of the best because it leaves absolutely no lingering soap residue, and is the most environmentally friendly wetsuit cleaner on the market.

Your wetsuit comes out feeling clean without any funky smell, and the active ingredients won’t compromise the integrity of your wetsuit seems or material.

You’re supposed to soak the suit in a bucket of water mixed with Pau Pilau, but I usually just throw mine in the washing machine with a cup full of the cleaner. Not sure how good the washing machine is for my suit, but it seems to be fine when occasionally set on a cold water, gentile cycle. It does wonders on winter booty funk too! *Never put your wetsuit in the dryer.

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Video & Photos:  Courtesy Pau Pilau.

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