Wills Pelan Paddleout

It was a beautiful ceremony for an incredible soul. The roots crew who hugged on the beach and paddled out to share stories and goodbyes was a testament to the wonderful company Wills kept.

Wills will be with us every time we get in the water and have a good adventure or a laugh, and his passing is a tragic reminder to appreciate good people and this crazy journey we call life.

Rest In Peace Soul Brother Wiley.

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2 Responses to Wills Pelan Paddleout

  1. kdo says:

    thanks johnny for posting this, and for your heartfelt words and kind thoughts of our good friend….a truly great spirit who I am lucky enough to spend so much time with…laughing, cruising. surfing and traveling the world trying to get as toobed as can be. always good to see u Monster, thanks again for the inspiration over the years. Alohas

    • John Maher says:

      Kdo, you two were close as brothers. Thanks so much for sharing on behalf of like you said, a truly great spirit. You have an awesome soul dude. Love you man.

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