Wills Memories

The Windansea pump house is were local family have been remembered for decades. Every day I look at it I think of all the radical things he did, and how precious life is.

Thanks to Paul Potash for taking and posting these photos from Wills’s Christmas Eve paddleout at Northside.

Wills had some great friends in his life, and one of them just made a Facebook page as a way to share more photos and memories.


Wills also had his personal Facebook account but unfortunately it’s only accessed if you’ve been friends through that account in the past so it’s cool to share on the above facebook link for everyone to see.

His personal fb – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rest-In-Peace-Frederick-Wills-Pelan/726562724022565

He had a rad blog called The Wondering Coyote, which he re-started after deleting an earlier version. It’s full of awesome adventures that can be seen through this link – http://thewanderingcoyote.blogspot.com/

Love you Wiley.

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  1. Eliza says:

    Hey John and Friends of Wiley. If you click this link, you should be able to get some content from his blog. Amazing pictures and stories from Wills can be found there. http://thewanderingcoyote.blogspot.com/
    Be well, and “Live your life, but never stop surfing.”

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