Arbor Snowboards – Roots & Icon Collection

Getting ready to shred new lines through fresh pow?! The season’s just about to get kicked off. Mammoth is open, and the rest of the resorts should be ready to go in another few weeks.

Some of the Roots Collection.

I stepped up my quiver big time in preparation for this winter season. The most awesome addition to my snow game is a new Arbor Roundhouse snowboard. After a ton of research and demoing a bunch of different boards from just about every manufacturer, I chose the Arbor Roundhouse from their Roots Collection because it felt closest to the relaxed feeling of surfing. The Roundhouse is essentially a wider Element built to support bigger feet. The Wasteland, Coda, Westmark, Blacklist, A-Frame, and every other board in Arbors line are mental.

Arbor builds sweet women’s and kid’s boards too, like the Cadence and Element Mini.

Arbor Snowboards are the best because they ride relaxed with control, and float over everything with their unique rocker design. They are even eco friendly.

Why ride Arbor Snowboards over the rest of the manufacturers?

Arbor Snowboards are set up with The System – featuring True Rocker, Grip Tech, and Twin Shaping:

Arbor also builds great camber snowboards if you like having extra pop to boost off kickers, but the majority of their line is set up with The System, and for good reason!

Some of the Icon Collection.

Arbor is winning all kinds of praise for their new functional design. Many of their boards have been given the Good Wood award, and the Coda just received the 2014 Snowboard Grade EH top 10 award.

Feeling great about your gear gives you confidence and accelerates performance, which makes the experience that much more fun. If you head to the mountains this season make sure to pack an Arbor.

Try or buy one from the crew at today!

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