Andy Irons Day

Today is officially Andy Irons day in the state of Hawaii. I had the opportunity to hang and surf with Andy on a few trips and although I didn’t personally know Andy well, I feel like he was a friend. Last time I saw Andy was a few months before his death. He and his brother Bruce came down to Tavarua Island while I was working, and we scored some incredible waves together. A year before that trip, I asked Shane Dorian for the secret to riding the barrel no-handed backside, while we were working Tavarua together. Shane told me to study Andy, which I did. That next year, while Andy and I were surfing Cloudbreak together, I asked him the same question. Andy told me, “it depends on the wave.” He then preceded to do one of the most incredible layback’s in the tube that I’d ever seen.

We all miss you Andy.

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