Scipio 3mm Front Zip Fullsuit

Matuse makes some of the best wetsuits in the world. Their suits Geoprene construction is warmer and lighter than neoprene, and because they are made from limestone rather than petroleum, they are also better for the environment.

The Scipio 3mm Front Zip is most likely the warmest and most flexible fullsuit on the market.

The blackZERO Geoprene panels don’t absorb water and insulate body heat better than any suit I’ve ever worn. Back channels improve suit mobility, allowing you to conserve energy. Chest zip prevents flushing during duck dives and wipeouts, while winged shoulders and a saddle seat provide complete comfort.

Highly recommend checking out the Scipio 3mm Front Zip Fullsuit with BlackZERO Geoprene technology to help you enjoy your cool California winter surf season.

Check out more on the Scipip 3mm Front Zip Fullsuit at Matuse online.

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