Mammoth, A Stingray Rehabilitation Program

Last week the rain came. It was the first dousing California has had all season.

The day before the rain, I was surfing Windansea. After catching a fun wave, I stood up on the reef and stepped on a stingray. The barb nailed me perfectly in the arch of my foot. I felt the animal wiggle out from beneath my foot, while pulling the barbed stinger out of the wound.

After a lifetime of surfing, and accidentally stepping on roughly a dozen in the past without getting stung, I finally got tagged in the most unassuming location.

Luckily my friend Kells gave me a ride home, the walk would have sucked.

The day after I was stung the surf at La Jolla Cove got really good. The best it’s been in a decade. But with all of the rain, I was not willing to risk a nasty infection in my foot in exchange for a handful of solid southern California drops. I may have taken the gamble if I were not scheduled to take an incredible three week trek through the Himalayas with my dad and brother-in-law next month. Trekking away from doctors with a nasty foot infection would not be enjoyable.

With the abundance of rain, and a season pass to Mammoth without any holes punched in it, I decided to head up there and see what the storm produced. Figured the dry weather would heal the wound quickly, and I could get some potential powder runs in at the same time.

It turned out to be a great call. There were very few people around, they opened the top of the mountain for the first time since the storm, and I rode 8 hours a day for four straight days with a friend who lives at the base of the mountain.

Feels really good to get 5000 cutbacks in!

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