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Check out the beautiful work coming from a Into Teak Design – they are taking a responsible approach with an incredible product.

I’ve teamed up to work exclusively with IndoTeak to frame my fine art images because they are beautiful, professional, and sustainable. When I open my first gallery I’m going straight to IndoTeak for flooring, wall panels, tables, and cabinets.

IndoTeak manufactures and distributes flooring, paneling, and furniture made from 100% reclaimed teak — the most beautiful, durable, authentic, responsible hardwood material on the market. From warm honey blondes to dark rich chocolates- Indonesian teak is renowned for its elegance and stunning color variations. Teak contains high levels of resinous oils making it water-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Unlike many wood materials, our century-dried, engineered flooring and paneling will not warp, shrink or swell.

IndoTeak’s dense grain ensures preserved integrity over time. All of their products are composed entirely of the highest quality Indonesian FSC -certified recycled teak… even the bottom layers of our engineered flooring and paneling.


IndoTeak offers the greenest teak products on the market. —

From Materials:

100% post-consumer FSC certified recycled teak. Reclaimed by hand from historic buildings slated for demolition. We don’t cut living trees, preserving our natural forests for future generations.

To Adhesives and Finishes:

Formaldehyde-free adhesives, Low emitting & VOC-free finishes

To the Manufacturing Process:

Zero-waste manufacturing policy — We utilize every part of our reclaimed harvest, all teak scraps are incorporated into the substrate of our engineered flooring and paneling.

IndoTeak’s business is tailored to assisting it’s clients in the LEED® certification of their projects. They have tailored their products and business practices to better assist clients in achieving LEED® certification.

By partnering with IndoTeak for your wood flooring, counter, wall, and lumber needs, you will maximize your potential for possible materials and Resources LEED® points.

7170 Miramar Rd
Suite 700
San Diego, CA 92121

Tel. 800.284.1309

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