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Matuse Tumo Short Sleeve Full is ideal for surfing through the California spring into summer.

Like all Matuse wetsuits, the Tumo Short Sleeve Full is constructed out of a unique material called Geoprene (limestone base), which is warmer, lighter, tougher, and more comfortable than neoprene. Limestone is also much better for mother nature than petroleum based neoprene.

The Tumo Short Sleeve Full is my go-to suit in water around 66 degrees. The chest-zip prevents any flooding and keeps your core heated. Since the air is usually warmer than the water during the spring, the short sleeves are great for added mobility, while the long legs keep muscles warm while you wait for sets.

Tumo Short Sleeve Full Features:

100% glued and blind stitched – A powerful duo that provides durability, flexibility and cushy softness for your skin.

Chest zip entry system – Angled front-entry system gives you a VIP pass into your suit but leaves water standing at the door.

Titanium coated texture Geoprene skin – Provides board traction and blocks the wind and cold. The chest & back panels are 3mm for added core warmth. The rest of the suit is 2mm.

Saddle seat – Inspired by Jet-ski suits, this panel is designed to withstand many-a-swell spent straddling. Better yet, the Saddle Seat’s form-active design keeps your undercarriage happy because it won’t ride up.

External key pocket – Located just above the outer left knee. Includes elastic loop cord, mini-pocket and zipper closure. This allows you to get into your car without having to remove the top half of your suit.

Highly recommend getting a Tumo Short Sleeve Full for the spring and summer. It will keep you warm, flexible, and psyched to surf.

Check out the Matuse Tumo Short Sleeve Full and the rest of their top-of-the-line products at Matuse.com.

Photo: Courtesy Matuse.

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