Namche, Nepal

My dad’s been friends with a Sherpa family living in Namche, Nepal, for nearly a decade. Was so excited to have the chance to meet them. Lakhpa Sherpa guided us from Lukla (most dangerous airport in the world), to Everest base camp. Doubt we would have made it to base camp in good health without Lakhpa, he is an incredible human. Was very lucky to have the opportunity to integrate into Sherpa society and get a local feel for the way a deep-rooted Sherpa family lives.

I took these photos in Namche, a community where Lakhpa and his family live. It takes two days to walk there from the airport. Only other way to transport goods there is by helicopter when the weather is good, but it’s incredibly expensive to do it that way, so everyone walks everything in… and I mean everything and anything you can think of.

Kids walk up a steep hill for over an hour each way to get to school each day. At over 11,000 feet of altitude, it’s not easy.

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