Spring Is On Fire

Arrived back to San Diego just in time for a beautiful week of weather, with temperatures at the coast hitting 90 degrees. The high pressure is creating the off-shore wind direction that surfers love, but those dry winds have also been fueling some of the worst fires San Diego has seen in years.

Because the fires have been burning down homes, there are mandatory evacuations in place. Most schools have been closed, so all of the kids have been seeking refuge from the smoke and heat at the beach.

I returned to lifeguarding La Jolla the day after my flight arrived from Kathmandu because of the needs of the service. Right off the bat, my crew and I had to save drowning victims, and treat serious medical patients. As you can tell by the photo, the beaches have been packed, and with our spring staffing (half of the guards on roster as peak summer months), we’ve had our work cut out for us.

I think it’s awesome that people have the beach to retreat too, but wish that everyone respected it. Each evening as the crowd thins out, there are piles of trash lining the otherwise pristine shoreline. Groups such as the Windansea Surf Club and other gracious individuals have been walking the beach picking up after others.

Stoked to have such an incredible city, job, and friends to come home to.

Photo: Courtesy Michael Sangiolo (beach shot), and San Diego State University (fire shot).

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