Hess Surfboards Green Design

Danny Hess builds beautiful surfboards with low-impact materials such as reclaimed hardwood, recycled EPS foam, and cork.

Hess has also figured out how to use half the amount of fiberglass that is normally used, with result’s that are far stronger than conventional surfboards, because of the strength of Hess’s sandwich construction.

The end result is a beautiful, strong surfboard that lasts longer than conventional boards and has a reduced environmental impact.  Plus, they ride really good.

If your interested in surfing a work of art that is far better for the environment than a conventional surfboard, check out Danny Hess Surfboards.

Conventional surfboard manufactures are looking into, working with, and producing lower environmental impact boards than ever before, but Hess is going the extra mile.  Sure he’s probably making very little money from it, but he probably feels really good about his eco-friendly efforts and products.

Cool to see someone working to keep surfers happy with great surfboard design, and at the same time use sustainable material solutions that replace many of the toxic products that are used to make the majority of responsive conventional surfboards.

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