Western Europe

August 11th, 2010

Europe: where the food is incredible, and the history runs deep.

Luckily I have gotten to explore Europe a couple of times. Met up with my family there, and we had such a good time visiting all of the museums and landmarks.

My dad is a professional photographer and taught me how to use my camera on this trip. Not a bad place to learn how to take photographs. My dad loves to eat well, and does tons of research on everything he does, so we all had the opportunity to share some incredible European meals together.

Years later, my sister moved to Tuscany. I went to visit her and ended up using the house as my home base as I took trains and planes all over the place. It was an educational few months.

Got robbed in an Amsterdam alleyway, fronted by thugs in Rome, and had to sleep outside some random persons house in the freezing cold in Siena Italy after getting completely lost in the middle of the night (ended up with a ride home from a baker running bread before the sun came up).


August 7th, 2010

I was blown away by Venice, Italy. The logistics that go along with being a city built on top of the water, and how the city functions so smoothly, is mind boggling. What an amazing place.

If you go, bring someone you love and a fat wallet.

California Road Trip

August 6th, 2010

I’m lucky to be from California. It is one of the most ecologically diverse states in the U.S. California has something to offer everyone. From the mountains through the forests to the beautiful beaches, California has it all.

It’s incredibly beautiful just a short drive north of San Francisco, but a lot of us Californians get caught up in our own hectic little worlds in Southern California—rarely, if ever, making it up there. Think the Northern Californians are happy about that.

Although I had been to Northern California a handful of times (the real Northern California, not talking about Santa Cruz or San Francisco), I really wanted to spend some good quality time up there, so I did.

I packed up my van with surfboards, snowboards, skateboards, guitars, a cooler, and a sleeping bag and started a three-month adventure north. It was amazing.

Spent a good amount of time boarding Mammoth and Tahoe before camping out in the redwood forests and heading to the coast to surf some crazy shark-infested death slabs all alone.

I eventually made it to Oregon, where I turned around and began my crawl back home. On my way I went back to Tahoe for some powder runs, and the next day I was surfing Mavericks.

I love California and am lucky to be from such a dynamic state filled with so many cool people. I need to head north more often.

Little Backyard Barrels

August 3rd, 2010

Broke my ribs surfing this wave in my backyard the day before I shot this video. I wasn’t able to paddle or surf, so I just swam around with one of those little GoPro cameras.

The lineup was all local groms and Chris Ward.

Since it was a small day, I probably had more fun shooting the video than I would have trying to fit in those little barrels with my surfboard anyway.

RIP Noel

August 1st, 2010

We really miss you, Noel.

Your devotion to living your life according to your passions and dreams was, and still is, incredibly inspiring.

Your soul was as kind and real as they come.

Save a spot for me in the water up there, amigo; I know you’ll be in the best spot as usual.

Noel passed away surfing the wave he devoted his life to.

Photos: Glaser, Flindt