Laurie Towner Near Death Teahupoo

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Laurie is one of the hardest charging and stylish surfers on the planet. He recently came close to death at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Here’s the interview and video footage.

Diamond In The Desert

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LNF: Diamond of the Desert from on Vimeo. This surf video is epic. Africa. The motherland.

Conner Coffin & Dane Reynolds

Conner Coffin and Dane Reynolds shredding Rincon.

Conner Coffin and Dane Reynolds shredding Rincon. Courtesy:

Desillusion Dane Reynolds 17:00

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A deeper look at Dane Reynolds. 4:00 and 13:50 on for mental surf clips.. but if you’re a fan of Dane you’ll probably like the entire video.

Tiger Shark Dancer

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I met Hannah Fraser ten years ago, when she came to Tavarua Island while I was working. Back then, she was just getting into becoming a mermaid… yes a mermaid. A few years after the visit her mermaid dance became … More »

Bobby Talking Boards

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I grew up surfing NSSA’s against Bobby, he won most of them. Here he is talking short four fin boards and getting pitted in SB.

Andy Irons – Lost Video Archives

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Some classic clips of the best surfer in the world as he was coming up to take on king Kelly.

New Alex Gray Slab Fest Video

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Alex Gray getting absolutely shacked out of his mind in the latest Turkey Melt video, Slaber Nackle.

Monster Children – Dane Reynolds, Dylan Reider

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Dane Reynolds, Dylan Reide, Craig Anderson and Austin Gillette go on a surf/skate camping trip for Monster Children.

Jaws Recap

Jaws Video

Jaws… It’s gnarly. Here’s the 13/14 season recap. The northern hemisphere season isn’t over yet, but it’s coming close.

Andy Irons Day

Andy Irons, Day, Hawaii, Surf, Surfer, Video, Image, Best, Interview

Today is officially Andy Irons day in the state of Hawaii. I had the opportunity to hang and surf with Andy on a few trips and although I didn’t personally know Andy well, I feel like he was a friend. … More »

Dane Reynolds’ Loaded

Dane Reynolds, Loaded, Video, Image, Best, Clip, Injury, Friends, Taylor Knox

Dane Reynolds latest video just dropped… and here it is.

Bud Nip

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This little kid figured it out, why not everyone else? Please, buy organic, support your local farmer, and boycott greedy businesses who contaminate our food with poison laced products. Ever since I quit eating GMO, processed, hormone injected, and caged … More »

Big Waves In Portugal

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A big swell hit Europe a couple days ago and Shane Dorian and Jamie Mitchel met it in Portugal. This wave, called Belharra, off the coast of Nazare, looks like a wave unlike many of the premier big waves in … More »

Woody Harrelson Thoughts

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Woody is awesome. An artist, and an advocate. I heard he jump kicked a dude in the parking lot at Sunset Beach in Hawaii because the guy was calling him a kook and tried to fight. Word is Woody ended … More »

A Calculated Madness

Derek Dunfee, Grant, Twiggy, Baker, South Africa, Big Waves, Biggest Wave, Best, Wave, Surf, Surfer, Surfing, Hungry Walrus

My friend Derek Dunfee just dropped his latest video about Grant “Twiggy” Baker in South Africa, check it out.

Brian Bielmann

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I’ve had a chance to travel and surf with Brian Bielmann a few times and he’s an awesome guy. If you follow Hungry Walrus regularly you probably know I’m a photographer, and he’s one of the guys I’ve always looked … More »


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Please Red Bull, walk us through it..

Bear Island Exploration

Three brothers explore the Bear Island for waves. They live in a tent, and carry all their stuff on sledges. Does the island have surfable waves? Will there be a polar bear nearby?

This looks pretty rad. Three brothers explore the Bear Island for waves. They live in a tent, and carry all their stuff on sledges. Does the island have surfable waves? Will there be a polar bear nearby? How much fun … More »

People Are Awesome

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New video that’s really similar to the People Are Awesome series. This should be called Best Of The Web.