Pau Pilau Wetsuit Cleaner

Pau Pilau Wetsuit Cleaner

Wasn’t until I got a gnarly staph infection from a filthy wetsuit a few years ago, that I started using a wetsuit cleaner. Pau Pilau was introduced to me by a really cool lady who owns a couple health food … More »

Rusty Slayer

Rusty Slayer Surfboard Review Hungry Walrus Surf Surfer Surfing John Maher San Diego Best Surfboard

Over the past few years Rusty has been fine-tuning a board that handles solid surf, but is short enough to fit in the pocket. Slayer is the product, and the results have been incredible. Photo of me taken by Anthony … More »

WCT – Futures Fins

Futures WCT Fins

Stout, agile, and aggressive pocket-rockets. Wide base and tips, with a stocky outline and very little rake and flex. The WCT fins are really good for power surfing in the pocket. The trailing fin is just a little bit smaller … More »

A Guide To Happiness

John Maher Photo Tavarua Fiji Nancy Liviana Surf Surfer Surfing Happiness Guide Best Happy Smile Life Lesson Nixon Rusty Lifeguard La Jolla San Diego

Recently found an article on about the 21 Habits of Happy People and thought I’d share them with you. 1. Appreciate Life Be thankful that you woke up alive each morning. Develop a childlike sense of wonder towards life. … More »

Global Rescue Travel-Medevac Service

global rescue

Hungry Walrus recently teamed up with Global Rescue Travel-Medevac Specialists because they are the best in the business. Weather you and your family are heading out on an awesome week long vacation, or would like a year long policy, look … More »

Help! Super Typhoon Haiyan Disaster


Please click this link to make a really simple and easy contribution so those who are dieing in the Philippines can get some drinking water – Help The Philippines! Waves For Water is a trusted organization who specializes in going … More »

Sirensong Wetsuits – Women’s

Sirensong Wetsuits, Girl, Girls, Woman, Women, Women's, Surf, Bodyboard, Swim, Beach, Wetsuits, Best, Hungry Walrus, Review

Hi girls, looks like Sirensong is doing a wonderful job making some creative new wetsuits that you can feel beautiful expressing yourself in. I have no first-hand experience about how warm or comfortable they are, but must say they look … More »

DaKine Reload Camera Pack

DaKine, Reload, Photo, Pack, Backpack, Bag, Review, Best, Camera, Pack, Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Travel, Video, photo, Hungry Walrus

Recently had the chance to try some of DaKine’s latest camera packs and they all work great. DaKine is well known for manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality, functional products, and their camera packs are no exception. This post is … More »

Underwater Kinetics – C8 eLED

Dive, Light, Review, Under, Water, Waterproof, C8, UK, Underwater, Kinetics, Best, Torch, Lobster, Night, Caves, Durable, Hungry Walrus

A buddy and I went night diving for lobster yesterday (something I do on a regular basis), and I couldn’t help but notice how much better his light was than mine… And I’m not talking just a little brighter – … More »

New FCS II – Keyless System

New FCS Keyless Fin System, review, instructions, hungry walrus, fcs, futures, best, fin, system, fins, kelly slater, surf, surfer, surfing

Looks like FCS just came out with a new keyless fin system called FCS II. I haven’t tried it yet, but my buddy was talking to Mick Fanning (who had them in his board before the Lowers WCT event), and … More »

New HD GoPro 3+ Black Edition

GoPro, Hero, 3+, Black Eddition, Review, Camera

Many of you may not know that I was one of GoPro’s original field testers. The team at GoPro asked me to put their first HD prototypes to the test at Teahupoo, Tahiti and Pipeline, Hawaii. We worked together for … More »

Xcel DryLock Split Toe Booties

Xcel Drylock Infinity Boot Bootie Reivew Surfing Diving Best Hungry Walrus

It’s been my experience that Xcel Drylock Split Toe Booties are some of the best on the market. Xcel also makes them in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm. Shop according to your session duration to water temperature ratio. I like 3mm … More »

T Dwart – Rusty Surfboards

shane mcintyre on sufari t dwart rusty surfbords review hungry walrus surf surfer surfing john maher la jolla lifeguard

The surf’s been really small the past few weeks down here in La Jolla, so a few friends and I have been trading off on one of Rusty’s new T Dwart 5’10’s. It’s fast, fly’s over flat sections, and holds … More »

What Youth – New Online Magazine

Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 5.52.16 PM

Usually quality or unique surf/travel products and accommodations are beaten-up to qualify for a recommendation on Hungry Walrus. This recommendation is a bit different, but very much as relevant, for it’s an artistic surf/travel production. What Youth online magazine was … More »

Ace Biodegradable Sunglasses – Zeal

Ace, Zeal, Optics, Biodegradable, Sunglasses, New, Best, Innovative, Invention, Smart, Style, Fassion, Surf, Surfer, Surfing, Hungry Walrus

Just checked out some of these earth friendly ACE shades from Zeal Optics. Zeal is known for integrating technology into high-quality optics – these are next level green. The ACE, from Zeal Optics, is produced from 100% US-grown cotton. After … More »

Surfer’s Journal E-Book

Surfer's Journal

Click this link to check out an awesome new Surfer’s Journal E-Book featuring one of the best surf photographers in the world – Russell Ord.



Even as a small child, I never liked SeaWorld. Unlike most, I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in the ocean surfing with dolphins and other wild and fee animals. Because of the interactions I’ve had with wild animals in … More »

Threesome Tonic

Tonic, Threesome, Shampoo, Conditioner, Haircare, Surf, Travel, Best, Three-in-one, Surfer, Surfing, Soap, Deal, Sale, DIscount, Best, Review, Reccommendation, Hungry Walrus, Lauren

“Threesome is an innovative all-in-one hair care solution for the active man. A high performance shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one convenient bottle. Threesome strengthens hair and hydrates skin. Lather away salt, sweat and dirt with Threesome.” “Tonic is … More »

Vertra Kona Gold

vertra kona gold review buy sale deal best sun care

With one long-lasting application, Vertra Kona Gold protects skin from sun damage in and out of the water all day. There is no stinging in the eyes, and it coats every little crevice it’s applied to, making it great around … More »

Bug Off! – New Clips On The Market

Off!, Off, Clip, On, Off! Clip-on, Para' Kito, Parakito, Para, Kito, Terminix, All, Clear, AllClear, Side, Kick, Sidekick, Bracelet, Mosquitoe, Repellent, Best, Non Toxic

After contracting a serious case of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever a couple years ago, and hearing from friends how terrible their cases of Malaria were, I have become very interested in bug virus prevention techniques. The Wall Street Journal just published … More »