Sector Nine Aperture Sidewinder

Sector Nine 9 Sidewinder Carving Skateboard Review Discount Hungry Walrus Surf Skate Snow

Summer is getting close, need a new skateboard? Sector Nine Aperture Sidewinder is one of the most fun complete skateboards I’ve ever woven through traffic on. What’s unique about the Sidewinder is the double-kingpin Gullwing trucks, which allow for the … More »

Patagonia Specials

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 10.56.21 AM

Patagonia recently released a large and diverse line of 50% discounted online items on their website (see links below – *offer ends soon so deal may no longer be valid by the time you click and visit). Patagonia has a … More »

Section Pack Wet/Dry 40L- Dakine

dakine wet dry section backpack bag review hungry walrus

Recently had the chance to put a Dakine 40-Litre Section Wet/Dry Pack to the test at work lifeguarding, and on a couple local surf trips. It’s one of the best beach day, surf trip, lifeguard, travel backpacks ever made, and … More »

Artemis Womens LS Spring – Matuse

womens wetsuit artemis matuse john maher hungry walrus

Hi girls, if you’re looking for a great wetsuit this summer, Matuse makes a long sleeve spring called the Artemis. Like all of Matuse’s high quality wetsuits, the Artemis is made out of Geoprene and Hydrasilk, with Satin Seal taping … More »

Outex Waterproof Camera Covers


While searching for waterproof housings to cover my new costly Canon camera, I came across an inexpensive yet quality looking product called Outex. I have never used Outex, but am interested in getting one of their kits for protecting my … More »

DaKine Deluxe Fin Leash

DaKine, Deluxe, Fin Leash, Review, Hungry Walrus, Bodyboard, Surf, Bodysurf, Best Fin Leash, Fin Saver

DaKine Deluxe Fin Leashes are some of the best on the market. Neoprene wraps around each fin strap creating a comfortable and snug fit. The neoprene also helps prevent fin straps from breaking by protecting the rubber from cracking due … More »

Slyde Handplanes New Line

Slyde, Bodysurfing, Handplanes, Handboards, Surfboard, Review, Buy, Deal, Image, Wedge, Newport, Hungry Walrus

Slyde builds some of the best bodysurfing handplanes on the market. They recently released some new awesome templates. Check them out at If you’re interested in getting extra distance out of your waves, and want the ability to power … More »

Plight Of The Torpedo People

The Plight Of The Torpedo People, Come Hell Or High Water, Bodysurfing, Book, Film, Movie, Review, Malloy, Image, Video, Surf, Buy, Sale, Deal, Hungry Walrus, Nixon, Patagonia

The Plight of the Torpedo People is a collection of bodysurfing photographs, frame grabs and personal essays documenting the making of Keith Malloy’s first film, Come Hell or High Water – the first feature-length film to be made about the … More »

POD PF3 Evolution Swim Fins

POD PF3 evolution bodysurf and bodyboard fins review hungry walrus

POD PF3’s are the some of the latest and greatest swim fins on the market. Since I use fins everyday for lifeguarding, bodysurfing, and kicking around with a mask, I can really appreciate a quality pair. Recommend checking out PF3’s … More »

Patagonia Nano Storm Jacket

patagonia hungry walrus

Checked this Patagonia Nano Storm Jacket out but haven’t put it to the test in freezing cold conditions yet.  I try to give testimonials after really abusing the gear in review, but in this case I was so stoked on … More »

Cressi Sub Big Eyes

Screen shot 2011-10-30 at 9.53.46 PM

Cressi Sub Big Eyes Evo Mask lenses are raked and shaped like an “inverted teardrop.” This unusual design is covered by a worldwide patent and gives divers a 30 percent wider view over traditional masks. The anatomically shaped frame is … More »

GTR – Rusty Surfboards

john maher hungry walrus

The Rusty GTR is a loose and forgiving hybrid shortboard. It works insane in waves under head high, so it’s a great board for Southern California. The GTR flies over flat sections with its single concave bottom, and goes on … More »

Mack’s AquaBlock Earplugs

Mack's Aqua Block Ear Plugs Best Ear Plugs For Surfing Surfing Swimming Diving Waterproof Earplugs

With their custom triple-flange, soft-silicone design for improved comfort and sealing, Mack’s AquaBlock Earplugs are some of the best earplugs on the market for swimming and surfing. After two gnarly surgeries to remove exostosis (surfer’s ear), which took me out … More »

Electric Capt. Ahab – Mark Healey

Electric Mark Healey Capt. Ahab Polarized Sunglasses Review Hungry Walrus Surf Surfing surfer

Electric recently released Mark Healey’s signature series shades and they are mental. Capt. Ahab Glass Lens Polarized Sunglasses are designed with the greatest materials available to meet the needs of the over-exposed, rough and tumble surf/skate/snow lifestyle. Electric’s polarized line … More »

Hydrating Recovery Cream – Headhunter

Screen shot 2012-03-30 at 9.58.34 AM

Found out about Headhunter Hydrating Recovery Cream during a friends wedding on Tavarua Island, Fiji.  It was given to all the guests the first day they got to the island, which was a great idea, because after surfing and celebrating … More »

4F – Rusty Surfboards

John Maher Surf Hungry Walrus Rusty La Jolla Tavarua

Rusty’s new hi-performance shortboard designed to shred small waves is called the 4F. The wide round-tail is great for linking turns together in one continuous flow, designed to help prevent any need to hop for speed in-between maneuvers. I’ve been … More »

SteadyWheel Camera Stabilizer

SteadyWheel Hungry Walrus GoPro Camera Stabilizer iPhone

The increasing popularity of compact cameras brings demand for quality accessories. The SteadyWheel is a portable camera stabilizer designed to reduce shake and improve stability. The rig works great with Smartphones, POV, Point and Shoot, and many other small frame … More »

DaKine Cyclone Waterproof Pack

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 10.34.01 AM

The Dakine Cyclone Roll Top Pack is durable, practical, and will keep all of your treasured goods completely dry. Whether it’s raining like crazy or you’re swimming through deep water, the Cyclone has you covered. What’s cool and unique about … More »

Watershot Housing For iPhone

Watershot Waterproof Housing Review Hungry Walrus Surf

Some of the best water photographers in the world have been experimenting with waterproof cases for their iPhone’s. Watershot is proving to be the most reliable, durable, and all around highest quality housing on the market. Zak Noyle took this … More »

OutRide – Mophie

Outride mophie review iphone camera, best, iphone, camera, accessorie, team, videos, hungry walrus, sale

Mophie OutRide transforms your iPhone into the ultimate wide-angle action sports camera. Mount it to just about anything. Record and share your adventure with the world instantly. Sign-up with the OutRide social network to start sharing your videos, and scope … More »