Volcom Buhl Backpack

Volcom Buhl Travel Backpack Review Sale Hungry Walrus Surf Surfing Skatboarding Snowboarding

The Volcom Buhl Backpack is a new retro-retrace travel pack on the market. The squared shape mimics the classic look that wanderers of the American southwest used to use to carry an extra pair of dirty socks, a wool blanket, … More »

Matuse Lorica Compression Vest

John Maher Hawaii

The Lorica is a compression vest for big-wave paddle surfing. Matt (head product designer at Matuse wetsuits) and I talked about coming up with a design that allows for complete mobility while at the same time having enough buoyancy to … More »

CI Travel Light Quad Board Bag

Channel Island Travel Light Quad Surfboard Bag Review Sale Hungry Walrus Surf Surfing Surfer Kelly Slater

Last summer I took a 6’6″ Channel Islands Travel Light Quad Surfboard Bag on a trip through Tahiti and was impressed. It looks like a double-board bag, but it holds 4 boards. What’s unique about the bag is it’s weight … More »

Matuse Hooded 654mm Tumo

Matuse Tumo Wetsuit 654 Review Hungry Walrus Todd Glaser Surfer Surfing Surf Best Wetsuit Warmest Wetsuit Surf Dive

If you’re surfing water below 54 degrees, are into diving, or just enjoy being extra toasty, check out the Matuse Hooded 654mm Tumo. I love using this suit while surfing Northern California, and while shooting water photography in Southern Cal. … More »

Jeff McCallum Twin 5.18″ Captain Fin Co.

Jeff McCallum Captian Fin Co. Twin Fin Recommendation Hungry Walrus Surf Review San Diego Surfboards

Jeff McCallum is a talented craftsman who shapes all kinds of alternative wave riding tools which include handplanes, spoons, kneeboards, as well as guns, shortboards, and longboards. McCallum’s boards are not only works of art that are fun to ride, … More »

Adventurer Board Case – Nautilus Surf

Nautilus Adventure Board Case, Surfboard Travel Bag, Review, Hungry Walrus, Sale

The new Adventurer Board Case from Nautilus Surf is an innovation in surfboard case design. It could be the best way to keep surfboards safe, secure, and consolidated while on the road. Gone are the days of thrashing boards out … More »

New Crossen Surf Hat

Crossen Waterproof Surf Hat, Best Water Hat, Water Sports Hat, Sun Protection, Review, Surfing, Surfer, Kayak, Fishing, Boat, Waterproof

There is a new water-sports cap on the market called the Crossen Surf Hat. It looks like a great waterproof lid. Features/Design/Function: • Sun protect your eyes and head = surf longer/better • Surf, SUP, Kite, Kayak, Paddle • Semi-rigid … More »

Knoxville Polarized Sunglasses

Knoxville Electric Polarized Sunglasses Review Hungry Walrus Surf Best Sunglasses

If you are looking for a stylish pair of sunglasses with high-quality Italian frame and lenses, Electric Visual Knoxville might be a great fit. Tough polycarbonate UV lenses have a polarized coating that virtually eliminates glare from shiny surfaces and … More »

Kelly Slater Wave Co.

Kelly Slater Wave Co Review Hungry Walrus Surf Surfer Wave Park Machine

This artificial wave park appears to really be happening. The Kelly Slater Wave Company is coming to life. Check it out. – KSWAVECO.com Endless Circular Wave – A unique destination that offers an age-old dream: The endless wave. Kelly Slater … More »

UK Pro Pole – GoPro

UK Pro Pole GoPro Hungry Walrus Review

A lot of people want to know how they can get steadier clips and with GoPro cameras. I recommend gong with a pole mount. These UK Pro Poles are affordable and good options. – Standard attachment point for camera. – … More »

LifeProof iPad Nuud Case

Lifeproof waterproof shock proof case ipad iphone best case review sale deal hungry walrus

LifeProof builds great products for your mobile devices. I use one on my iPhone 4 because it’s constantly getting dropped on the concrete, buried in the sand, and splashed at the beach. Without a LifeProof case on my iPhone 4, … More »

DaKine Heli Pro Pack

DaKine Heli Pro Snowboard Backpack Review Hungry Walrus Surf

DaKine Heli Pro DLX is an all-around great backpack for snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, hiking, and even school. It’s compact size still has plenty of room, and it’s incredibly comfortable. Throw your lunch, water, iPod, and extra goggles in while snowboarding, … More »

Olloclip iPhone Lens Kit

Olloclip Quick Review And Recommendation Hungry Walrus Surf Photography

Olloclip Quick is a radical little 3 in 1 lens accessory for iPhone 4 and 4S. Just got one for Christmas and have been having a blast using it to capture new images. Olloclip Quick is light, and slips on … More »

LifeStraw Water Filter

Screen shot 2012-12-22 at 10.29.14 PM

A Time Magazine Invention of the Year winner, LifeStraw doesn’t contain chemicals, batteries, or moving parts to wear out. LifeStraw has a high flow rate and weighs only 2oz! It’s perfect for the ultralight backpacker, camper, hiker, traveler, boy scout, … More »

Komunity Leash – Kelly Slater

Komunity Leash Kelly Slater Leash Best Surf Leash Review Hungry Walrus Buy Sale Deal Discount

Ever wonder what Kelly Slater’s go-to leash is? Komunity Project 6′ Compitition Leash is it. Komunity is a brand that makes high-quality surf accessories designed in part by the 11 X World Surfing Champion. If you’re in the market for … More »

Crackup – Surfing’s Online Magazine

Crackup, Surfing's Online Magazine Monster Energy Hungry Walrus

Crackup is Surfing Magazines new online magazine. It’s pretty creative, they did a great job on it. It’s one of the best online surf magazines available. What Youth is another good online surf mag. Just about every Crackup page has … More »

Ion HD Action Camera

Ion Camera Hungry Walrus Surf Snowboard Skateboard Bike Mountian Waterproof

Ion Air Pro Plus is one of the lightest HD video/still cameras available. Ion Air Pro Plus is probably GoPro’s closest competitor. I see a lot of snowboarders and skiers using Ion cameras because their batteries last longer in cold … More »

Billabong Recycler Boardshorts

Billabong recycled plastic bottle boardshorts trunks surfing surf review hungry walrus

Billabong is one of the few big surf companies who are attempting to balance their production with some ecologically friendly techniques. Billabong Transverse Board Shorts are incredibly functional and comfortable. If you are considering getting a new pair of trunks … More »

Sanuk Vagabond Chill Slip-On Shoes

Sanuk Shoe Review

Cruise in some comfortable all-terrain slippers. Sanuk Vagabond Chill Slip-On Shoes have a faux shearling that keeps feet warm as you chill, while a rubber sole lends traction control to laidback loafing. Canvas upper with raw stitching creates a rugged … More »

Bruce Irons Kinetic Racing Fins

Kinetic Racing Bruce Irons CT Fin Review Hungry Walrus Surf Deal Discount buy

Recently had a chance to ride Bruce Irons KR fins in a variety of small wave conditions and really liked them. Speed, maneuverability, and release are the Kinetik Racing Bruce Irons Carbo Tune Fins strongest characteristics. Carbo Tune construction is … More »