Method Ocean Plastic Solution Soap

Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 11.51.24 PM

Method soap is packaged in the world’s first bottles made with a blend of recovered ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic, a combination that results in a uniquely gray resin. Method Dish + Hand Odor Eliminating 2-in-1 Soap uses coconut … More »

Vertra Waterproof Sunscreen SPF 45

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Vertra makes some of the highest quality suncare products on the market. Both their signature face sticks and creams are designed, formulated, and manufactured at the highest industry standards. Verta SPF 45 Cream Suncreen is a lightweight, ultra-fine titanium dioxide … More »

Waxhead – Box, Comb, Scraper

Waxhead review hungry walrus surf product wax saver wax scraper wax comb

Was given a soapbox to keep bars of wax out of the sand when I was a little kid. Now I use a Waxhead patented custom box which comes with specialized comb and scraper combo. The Wax Box safely stores … More »

Mike Stewart Viper Swimfins

Mike Stewart Viper Swimfins Body Surf Bodyboard Review Hungry Walrus Buy Sale Order

Mike Stewart Viper Swimfins are hybrid, modeled after the heavier original viper. Designed and worn by 9 time world bodybord champ, Mike Stewart Viper Swimfins construction and function have been tested by some of the best watermen in heavy surf … More »

DaKine Deck Pads

DaKine Deck Pad Review, Recommendation, Hungry Walrus Sale, Surfboard Traction

DaKine makes some of the highest quality deck pads on the market. They’re light, have great traction, and strong adhesive. All DaKine models are great. Just pick one with or without an arch, slap it on your new sled, and … More »

Mophie Pro Outdoor GPS iPhone Pack

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Travel twice as far with the Mophie Pro Outdoor Edition for iPhone 4/4S. With the largest battery ever built into a juice pack case, complimented by a belt clip and rugged good looks, it’s the perfect adventure companion to help … More »

Playa Colorado Nicaragua

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“This was hands-down one of the best trips I have ever experienced.” Hungry Walrus Nicaragua surf trip packages – Book One! Playa Colorado holds the best surf and most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua. Located on a lush private estate known … More »

Beats Executive Headphones

Beats executive headphones dr dre hungry walrus review

Beats Executive headphones are designed to take to the tarmac. These headphones deliver the legendary Beats sound in a refined premium package that’s easier than ever to take on the road. Beats Executive are some of the best headphones ever … More »

Soloshot – Shoot Yourself

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 10.55.35 PM

Soloshot automatically rotates to keep the camera pointed at you, from a distance, without a camera operator. Set up your Soloshot tripod, attach a camera, and film all your outdoor exploits. Above Video: My awesome friend Kepa recently took his … More »

Billabong V1 – Mustang Survival

Screen shot 2012-10-23 at 10.58.15 PM

With inspiration and insight from Shane Dorian, Billabong and Mustang Survival came together to produce the first inflatable big wave surfing wetsuit. The first prototype of the suit was produced two years ago and various models have been tested by … More »

Waterproof Coolpix Camera – Nikon

Screen shot 2012-10-20 at 11.01.54 PM

Haven’t used one of these new Nikon Coolpix cameras yet, but heard they work great. 16 megapixels and 1080 HD video provide you with some of the clearest photos and video footage available in a small point-and-shoot device. Looks great … More »

Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji


Whether you surf or not, taking a vacation to Tavarua Island Resort is one of the best trips on the planet. Tavarua is absolute paradise. The island and surrounding area are absolutely pristine, with crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, white … More »

GoPro Hero 3 – Latest & Greatest

Screen shot 2012-10-17 at 8.02.33 PM

I did a ton of field testing for GoPro on their first HD Hero. The new GoPro Hero 3 has just been released and it looks incredible. If you’d like details and helpful tips about working with GoPro cameras, this … More »

8C 3MM – Matuse Fullsuit

Screen shot 2012-10-12 at 3.38.30 PM

Winter’s here and Matuse is ready with a brand new design called the 8C. Had the chance to test the 8C prototype throughout last winter – it’s tried and true quality warmth and comfort. What’s unique about the 8C is … More »

Alien Camo Mask – Omer

Screen shot 2012-10-05 at 5.20.55 PM

Omer is known for making high-quality freedive and spearfishing products. They are based in the USA, and manufacture products that are proven tough and efficient in the most demanding underwater situations. Omer Alien Camo Mask is one their spearfishing team … More »

Gravis Jetway Travel Bag

Screen shot 2012-09-29 at 1.41.11 PM

Gravis is known for premium quality bags and luggage. They have a tradition of building products that last and perform year after year. Recently got my hands on some of Gravis’s new luggage, and am impressed by the continued quality … More »

Best Surf Report And Forecast Websites

Hungry Walrus surf forecasting John Maher surfer

The semi-recent advent of strategically placed surface buoys have allowed everyone to have complete up-to-the-minute sea height, direction, interval, as well as barometric pressure, and wind speed calculation, which are instrumental in predicting future swell size and surface conditions up … More »

3DFins – Josh Kerr Moonrakerr

josh kerr 3dfins review hungry walrus surf moonrakerr

Haven’t had a chance to try 3DFins new “dimple” Moonrakerr yet, but it looks promising. The Moonrakerr is designed to give extra speed and drive through reinforced thermo-polymer composite construction. Apparently computer flow dynamic tests have proven the dimples on … More »

Riffe Padauk Series Spearguns

Riffe Spearguns

Riffe recently came out with a new gun combining my favorite model (Competitor) with an incredibly sturdy and beautiful hardwood from Africa called padauk. Padauk is also known as blood wood. Padauk is a straight-grain, dense, and dark hardwood. When … More »

Joe Roper’s Dingtape

Joe Roper's Dingtape

Joe Roper’s Dingtape is one of the best quick-fix ding-repair solutions on the market. It’s clear polyester marine-adhesive tape that stretches to form a durable and dependable watertight seal. Put it over your ding and get right back in the … More »