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Laurie Towner Near Death Teahupoo

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Laurie is one of the hardest charging and stylish surfers on the planet. He recently came close to death at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Here’s the interview and video footage.

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New Alex Gray Slab Fest Video

alex gray, surf, surfer, surfing

Alex Gray getting absolutely shacked out of his mind in the latest Turkey Melt video, Slaber Nackle.

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New Trailer – Live From The Moon

Bodyglove, Live From The Moon, Surf, VIdeo, Alex Gray, Dave Wassel, Jamie Obrien, Bruce Irons, Best, Surf, Video, Review

The new Bodyglove movie, Live From The Moon, is sure to me mental. The Bodyglove team is stacked, and they’ve been compiling footage for a while now. Look for the full feature to drop soon. Until then, here’s a teaser.

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New John John Florence Tahiti Reel

&, Again, John, John John, Florence, Surfing, Tahiti, WCT, Contest, Oneill, Billabong, Quiksilver, Video, Surfer, Surf, Review, Best

John John Florence is gnarly. Check his skills during the WCT Tahiti contest – gnarly free and heat surfing.

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One And Only – Conner Coffin

conner coffin, ryan perry, hungry walrus, surf, surfing, surfer, parker, coffin, hawaii, tahiti, mexico, video, image, hurley, volcom, best, nixon

Known Conner and his brother Parker since they were little kids. They have always been awesome, and have always killed it. Here is one of Conner’s latest reels shot by Ryan Perry.

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First Day Of A Huge Teahupoo Swell

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 6.18.15 PM

Cool footage cut together from the first day of this massive Teahupoo swell (yesterday). I like the rawness of the video, makes you feel like you’re in the channel with everyone!

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Little Teahupoo Tubes

Screen shot 2012-10-19 at 3.35.03 PM

Got back to Tahiti and in the water for a few small south swell days at Teahupoo. My Tahitian friend Tepo shot these clips with a GoPro from his bodyboard. Nothing flattering, but since he shot the clips and we … More »

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Cruising Moorea

John Maher Tahiti Moorea Hungry Walrus surf surfer surfing preeya marsden la jolla san diego lifeguard 3

Decided to hang on Moorea for a while before taking the ferry back to my house on Tahiti. It was nice to kick back, relax, and cruise the sites around the beautiful island. You can drive around Moorea in an … More »

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Teahupoo – Last Weeks Swell – Party Wave

teahupoo tahiti hungry walrus turkeymelt

Alex Grey put up a video from the ultra-perfect and ultra-packed Teahupoo swell we all surfed last week. Courtesy: Turkeymelt.com

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Surfer Dies Riding Wave At Temae, Moorea, Tahiti

Surfer Dies Surfing at Tamea Moorea Tahiti

Ever since my last travel blog post Temae Moorea – Gambling On Tahitian Triple Bowls, Temae has been unpredictable and dangerous with the odd chance of scoring an epic barrel. I’ve been out of the water with a badly bruised … More »

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Temae Moorea – Gambling On Tahitian Triple Bowls

John Maher Hungry Walrus Surf Tahiti Moorea Surfing Lifeguard Surfer San Diego La Jolla Fiji 6

Mission accomplished, finally scored one of my dream waves. Photo by Preeya. Teahupoo’s been epic but the crowd’s been intense, so I gambled against the wind forecast and took the first ferry from Tahiti to Moorea early the second morning … More »

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Epic Teahupoo – Full House

Ryan Gallina Hungry Walrus

Spent 8 hours surfing Teahupoo while the “swell of the year” slowly filled in. Wind and swell direction were absolutely perfect, but the crowd was ridiculously thick. Laird burning. Teahupoo’s lineup was stacked with some of the worlds best professionals … More »

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JD Irons Getting Shacked

Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 8.03.39 PM

JD Irons is an awesome person and incredible surfer from Kauai. His tube riding abilities at Pipeline, Teahupoo, and the rest of the heavy waves around the world are some of the best. Lucky enough to surf some of the … More »

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Billabong Teahupoo Tahiti!

Screen shot 2012-08-12 at 8.48.20 PM

Epic footage and great interviews of the best surfers on the world tour rapping-out about the upcoming event at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Contest trials are starting soon, and the main event kicks-off late August.

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Good Friends In Good Places

eugenio barcelloni john maher surf surfers tahiti hungry walrus walking the waves

As you may have read in a previous post, a few months ago I had 2 new surfboards stolen from the living room while I was asleep, my first night in Tahiti. Put word out to some great friends who … More »

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Coffin Brothers Surfing Teahupoo Tahiti

Screen shot 2012-06-07 at 7.41.52 AM

Known the Coffin brothers, Parker and Conner, since they were 10 years old or maybe even younger. They used hang on Tavarua while I was working out there. The Coffins have always been really awesome kids and incredible surfers with … More »

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14 Year Old Matahi Drollet Charges!

Screen shot 2012-06-05 at 7.57.59 AM

Recently spent a few months surfing Teahupoo with Matahi Drollet, Manoa’s 14 year old brother. Manoa was the best surfer at Teahupoo for the past decade or so, and it looks like Matahi is picking up where he left off. … More »

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1 John Maher Surfing Teahupoo Tahiti La Jolla Surfer

My friend Tepo (Timote’s nephew), shot this clip from the channel with his GoPro. He thought I got vaporized by the explosion, so he stopped filming before the fly-away finale. Somehow managed to get blown out and eject over the … More »

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SCUBA – Creatures Moorea

moorea tahiti hungry walrus surf dive

Was fortunate enough to score great conditions for my first couple SCUBA dives in Tahitian waters. My little GoPro camera stopped working about a quarter way into the first dive, but before it died, was able to capture some hungry … More »

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Swimming With Sharks

John Maher Surf Dive Tahiti Shark Dive Ray Dive Hungry Walrus La Jolla San Diego Surfer

Took the boat to a shallow sandbar alongside a deep channel inside the lagoon that holds lots of reef sharks and big rays. Was so much fun getting in the water and cruising with them. I love sharks. Each one … More »

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