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Ayutthaya Kingdom

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About an hour north of Bangkok stands what remains of the fallen Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya. From 1351 to 1767, Ayutthaya was regarded as the strongest power in mainland Southeast Asia, and was the greatest foreign trading capital in the … More »

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Laos – House Of Opium

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After an incredible time in the mountains surrounding Mae Chan, in Chiang Rai province, I decided to continue moving, and made my way to the northern most part of Thailand. I hopped a ride with friends, Nom and Patchalee, up … More »

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Golden Triangle

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I wanted some fresh air after pin-balling around the busy streets of Chiang Mai, so I took a bus five hours up-country to stay in a secluded mountain town resort (Suk Santi) north of Mae Chan. Kusumal owns the house, … More »

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